4 Surprising Ways to Void Your AC Warranty


Purchasing a new air conditioning unit is a huge investment, and you always count on your new unit to keep your place cool for years to come. When your air conditioning unit breaks down, the first thing that you do is to rely on your HVAC manufacturer warranty to assist with the expenses of fixing or replacing any damaged parts. Nothing can be more frustrating than realizing that your AC warrant has become void, and now you will be compelled to bear all the expenses of all your AC service in Springboro, OH

Tips for voiding your AC warranty 

Without even realizing many homeowners can make the warranty of their air conditioners void, which is why the HVAC manufacturers can deny their warranty claims. Following are some of the ways how you can prevent your AC warranty from voiding: 

Register Your AC Warranty

After buying an air conditioning unit, the initial action is to register your AC warranty. HVAC Manufacturers usually require you to register your AC warranty to hold your product and your name and information in their database to present confirmation of purchase. 

Hence, for an AC warranty to remain valid, it must be filed within the specified number of days after buying. You must further ensure that this is the initial thing that you without forgetting so that your warranty does not get void. 

Ensure Accurate Installation

Accurate installation of an air conditioning unit is important not only for the unit to work efficiently, but further retain your warranty valid. Poor installation can point to a plenitude of issues and one of the most prominent ones amongst this is a voided warranty. 

Hence, you must ensure that you pick a proficient technician for AC installation in Springboro, OH, who can ensure that your HVAC unit is installed accurately. This accurate installation will ensure that this warranty can assist you with your repair expense if anything happens to your unit. 

Employ Certified Replacement Parts

Numerous purchased AC warranties include the main components, not the smaller components such as the fan belts or air filters. These pieces fall on the homeowner to reinstate routinely or if they become defective. 

HVAC manufacturers are selective about what components must be utilized when substituting existing parts of an air conditioning system. Hence, you must always review your warranty and understand what components are acceptable to employ so that you do not accidentally void your AC warranty. 

Plan Annual Maintenance

Each year, before you commence running your air conditioning unit, you must schedule yearly maintenance to ensure everything is working smoothly. Regular maintenance further reduces the risk of breakdown and costly repairs in the long run.

In addition to this, an expert professional examines every component of your system and performs all required repairs before use. Also, if you do not schedule yearly maintenance, this can be termed as negligence and can further void your AC warranty. You must further ensure to retain all the maintenance documents to present evidence of maintenance; else, the warranty can be void again. 

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