Check the HVAC system before buying a new home

Check the HVAC system before buying a new home

Though buying a new house is an exciting and life-changing event, it is prime to analyze the condition of some vital interior and exterior components that are capable of impacting your comfort, family, and budget. Right from painting to HVAC systems, you need to prioritize your choice to experience the best home. If your new house is in Dayton, Ohio, HVAC companies are numerous. Hence, you should select the best company in Dayton for air conditioning and heating.

Tips for Checking an HVAC System Before Buying a New Home

  • The Physical Condition of the Air Conditioner and Heater: Firstly, inspect the physical condition of the HVAC system. If you are buying a move-in-ready house, it is ideal for overviewing the ambiance of the HVAC system as these are huge investments within your household. Listen to any sounds like hissing or clanging that indicate a problem in the HVAC system.
  • Inspect the Ductwork: The cleaning of the duct is very prime. If you move to a new house, duct cleaning is a to-do event. All the dust, smoke, and pet hair of the previous homeowners settle in the ducts. Cleaning the ducts as soon as you move in will give you a fresh home feel and allow better airflow in the HVAC system.

Inspecting ductwork is as prime as examining HVAC systems. Pay attention to any loose connections, gaps, and condensation all along with the ductwork. If you notice that the ductwork is dirty, it indicates that the house owner is not good with HVAC maintenance, and you will need to upgrade them after you move in. 

  • Age and Maintenance History: Before buying a new home, it is prime to look at the age history and maintenance history of the house. Knowing the date of installation of the air conditioner and heater is considered one of the basics for moving into a new house. That is because age is one of the factors that affect the efficiency of the system. It is that the ideal lifespan of an HVAC system is around 15 years.

Information on the past maintenance and repair history of HVAC systems is usually provided, along with the age history. That gives you an analysis of the performance of the equipment. Which in return allows you to decide whether to repair or replace the HVAC system.

Cold and Hot Spots: Yes, knowing the cold and hot spots of a new house is prime. But it is highly possible to know the hot and cold spots of the house. If you notice any cooling or heating inconsistency in any part of the house, you need to call an HVAC company for a professional HVAC technician who can solve the problem of heating and cooling in Springboro, OH.

If you have already bought the house and want to get any replacements or repairs in your HVAC system, you can reach out to AIR SURGE Heating and Cooling for a professional HVAC technician. 

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