Do I Sign Up for a Maintenance Program?


Do you think twice before visiting your dentist for an oral check-up? Do you think twice before oiling your door before its joints start making a rustling noise? If not, then why think twice before signing up for a maintenance program to ensure the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems? The heating and cooling service in Dayton, OH can do wonders for you.

Everyone wishes to have a comfortable lifestyle. Our heating and air conditioning systems form an important part of our homes and help maintain the house’s overall comfortability. Preventive maintenance is thus essential to ensure successful service life. Here are the benefits of signing up for a maintenance program:

More Reliability

Why pay for costly repairs when regular maintenance can do the trick for you? Through inspection by professionals, minor issues can be detected and fixed before they turn into major ones. Since homeowners do not necessarily have the expertise to understand such problems, these often go unnoticed and become causes of significant damage to their system. Prevention is better than cure, and AC service in Dayton, OH can do the needful.

Increased Efficiency

The more highly efficient your air conditioner or heater claims to be, the more wear and tear is what they can tolerate. However, this is just an addition to their struggle of overbearing. Regular maintenance keeps your system running at almost its initial efficiency and helps to keep the utility bills low. A heater or an AC loses 5% of its energy efficiency each year if it misses its regular annual maintenance. 

Equipment Life Extended

Preventive maintenance means you give a long life to your heater or Air Conditioner. If your system fails before its estimated service life, it calls for a costly repair or replacement. During AC maintenance in Springboro, OH, your technician will inspect your system and make sure to have all possible adjustments to help reduce potential risks and damages. 

No Need To Hit Your Head Over Scheduling Services

Once you join a maintenance program, you no longer have to worry about scheduling your services periodically without forgetting because the reminders by your servicing company will do the needful! All you have to do is book a good maintenance program, and the rest will be handled!

Skillful AC Maintenance in Springboro, OH

Proper maintenance is the key to the successful service life of your heater and air conditioner. Exhibiting a range of benefits, Air Surge Heating and Cooling can prove to be a blessing for you! With our proficient technicians and cooperative customer support, Air Surge proves to be extremely reliable. During a maintenance visit, you can expect a thermostat check, air filter changes, repairs and replacements of the necessary parts per requirements, and a lot more!

Think about the comfort of yourself and your loved ones, and plan on enrolling in a maintenance program today. With our professional heating and cooling, AC service and AC maintenance you can be assured of a good lifestyle without any worry. To learn more about our services, visit our website now! To enroll in a maintenance program, call us at (513) 500-3267 or email us at [email protected] today!