Get your AC ready for the Summer

Get your AC ready for the Summer

Summer’s around the corner. The temperature is rising, and your air conditioner might need a thorough tune-up to avoid midsummer breakdowns. It would be sad if your air conditioner malfunctions the first day you switch it on a hot day. This is where simple annual maintenance can help you avoid such misfortune. 

You might be thinking about when you should get a tune-up. Spring is considered ideal for a service, as the weather is pleasant to have the work done. The cheerful sun of spring also hints at the impending brutal heat of the summer. A timely tune-up with technicians from an AC company in Miamisburg can save you from the sultry heat.  

Below are a few things you should consider about your AC before summer:

6 Tips to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

  1. Safety should be the priority: Be sure that you do not lead yourself into uncalled-for emergencies. Turn off the circuit breaker and power supply to the condenser before dealing with your system. The latter can be disconnected through a lever or a circuit breaker in an adjacent disconnect box. 
  2. Clean/Replace the filters: Replacing filters is something you should often do. Dirty filters can drastically affect the efficiency of your air conditioner. Not only this, but they also recirculate the dust back into your house. If your air filter is not cooling properly, a probable reason can be restricted airflow due to a clogged filter.
  3. Brush up the coils and fans: The condenser having fans and coils constitute the outdoor unit. You should take care that it is free of debris. Being exposed to long winters, they require in-depth cleaning. Wipe off all cobwebs that might be clinging to the fan, and remove all dirt. Clean the coils with a gentle hand using a refrigerator coil brush. Take care not to bend the delicate fins. It might damage the coils.
  4. Clean and clear debris: Cleaning the blower’s fan blades and the drainpipe is also necessary. There must be no blockage to the circulation of water. Clogged drains can cause the condenser to malfunction. Vacuum excessive water and debris from the system and then reassemble the condenser. 
  5. Check the coolant lines: Coolant lines are the tubes running from the evaporator to the condenser outside. Check its foam insulation. If there is any fraying, wind it up with insulation tape or replace it with a new insulation sleeve. Once you are done with this, your outdoor unit is tuned up. It requires patience and some precision not to spoil the delicate parts. In case you find it tricky to do, search AC repair Springboro, OH.
  6. Run a test: After the system has dried up completely, run it for a test. Be sure to reconnect all breakers and power supply. Your conditioner should work properly now. If it doesn’t, there might be some technical problem requiring a professional diagnosis. You can connect with a technician by searching AC service in Springboro, OH.

With these tips, you can tune up your AC system yourself for the summer. If the problem persists, you can always seek an HVAC contractor’s help. Schedule a service with us at (513) 500-3267.