How Often Should You Change The Filter This Summer?


The air filter in your home should be replaced regularly to make the system run smoothly and maintain the best air quality. This small aspect of HVAC maintenance is easy to forget, especially if you don’t know how often to change it. 

When Should You Change An Air Filter?

Well, it depends on different factors, including the type of filter in the HVAC unit. Fibreglass filters are a less expensive option but should be discarded and replaced approximately every thirty-five days. Pleated Air filters are usually made of better-quality materials and can last for about four to six months, depending on the material and frequency of use.

It is recommended to follow the instructions accompanied with the filter for more detailed information on the proposed changing schedule. An AC Service Springboro, OH can help you with it.

Many Other Factors Affect The Durability Of Air Filters: 

  • Size of the home: Larger homes can circulate more air, which means that air filters must be replaced more frequently than smaller houses. 
  • Air quality: If you live in a big house or a busy city, smoke, dust, and dirt will pollute the air in your house. It may affect the air filter to work overtime, which means it needs to be replaced more frequently. In addition to dust, you should change the filter regularly to prevent pet hair and dandruff from falling off.
  • Pets: If you have a cat or dog, you will know very well that the smell will accumulate over time, and the shedding will be at its worst during a change of seasons. If you are a pet owner, you need to change the air filter. Once every two months, especially when winter turns into spring and summer turns into autumn.
  • Allergies or Asthma: When you have a person in your home with severe allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, you will want to change the air filter more often than usual to avoid flare-ups pain. 
  • Young Children: If you have children in your home, you need to keep indoor air quality at the highest level. To control the air quality and keep the house clean, you need to replace the filter at least every 2-3 months.

Why Is A Dirty Filter Harmful? 

One of the main problems with dirty filters is that it restricts the amount of air flowing through them, putting pressure on the ventilation devices and affecting the entire system. It can also lead to regular expensive AC repair in Springboro, OH.

Dirty filters can also lead to: 

  • Dirty Ducts
  • Worsening health conditions & allergies
  • Higher Electricity Bills
  • Frozen coils

Schedule An Easy Reminder:

An easy reminder is a good idea that can help you remember when to change the filter. When adding a new filter, place a date stamp in the margin. In this way, you always know how long it has been and when the filter was replaced the last time. 

You will get used to this routine more quickly. By following this, you will be satisfied with the excellent air-conditioning performance.

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